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The Personal Growth Boutique

Meet The Founder

andriea denise founder

Whaddup! My name is Andriea Denise and I am the founder of Write Mind Studio. I started this company in 2015 as a way to merge my passions for following Christ, journaling daily, living a lifelong commitment of personal growth and development, and leading others along the same path. The Studio is the place where we work on our inner selves and our kingdom assignments. I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and dig in so you can do your inner work and achieve abundance.

Development Courses

Embark on a voyage of self-discovery with this online course. In a world often filled with noise and distraction, it's easy to lose sight of what t...
5 Lectures
25 min

Why Write Mind Studio?

Biblical Principles

We teach personal growth and development techniques using biblical principles. You can rest assured that you are receiving godly counsel in addition to practical information and wise instruction.


We believe God has a purpose for us all. That's why we operate in purpose and in excellence. Our teachings are geared toward helping you to find and operate in your purpose.

Practical Tools

We employ practical tools that are simple to use and easy to implement in your everyday life. This ensures that healthy habits are formed and that you are well equipped to build a life of abundance.

Life Transformation

At Write Mind Studio, we teach you how to transform your life through the ongoing practice of renewing your mind, and using biblical principles to build a purpose-filled life of joy, peace, and abundance.

Blog Posts

sad woman sitting on the floor and leaning on wall
Afflicted And Anointed: Keep Faith In Adversity

Do you still get surprised when an undesired thing happens in your life? A lot of people have learned to embrace misfortune, but there’s a better way.

black woman writing in book
Everything Is Ministry: Life From God’s Perspective

When we own a business, we have an opportunity to minister to our employees. When we post photos and videos on social media…

woman in green shirt thinking
What Does It Mean To Renew The Mind

To renew the mind means to clear out all the old junk, and to replace that with health-filled thoughts and beliefs. Before we go deeper, let’s take a look at…

woman thinking
How To Master Your Mind

Mastering the mind requires a commitment to lifelong learning, growing, and adjusting. You have to become comfortable in the uncomfortable in order to make real change.

woman's hands writing in journal
Is A Journal The Same As A Diary

A journal and a diary are similar, but different in so many ways. Journals can be used for a variety of things, but a diary, is where most people…

woman writing in book
How Often Should I Write In My Journal

There is no right or wrong way to journal. But if you’re looking for a schedule to write on, you should first consider the purpose of your journal.

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