Our Story

Write Mind Studio began as the vision and passion project of one person, and quickly transformed into a mission and ministry. The visionary, is a person who grew up believing that she wasn’t born to be a successful person. She was taught that struggle is part of the experience of a Believer.

She admits that she may have misunderstood, but at a young age she interpreted that to mean believers were supposed to struggle through life for the sake of God’s kingdom. It wasn’t until later in life that the now CEO started to shift her thinking. She came to understand, after studying God’s WORD, that we all were created and purposed for greatness. She finally arrived at the truth that we were meant to be exactly who we want to be (and that we have even greater potential than that).

With her understanding, she started working toward her personal and professional goals. She asked God to guide her through the process, and she promised to use every gift and talent that she was given to the best of her ability. Ever since then, God has been blessing her far beyond measure.

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Meet The Founder

Andriea Denise writing in a journal in New York City (2018)

My name is Andriea Denise. I’m just a girl who loves to put pen to paper. I started journaling in middle school, and didn’t learn until I was near 30 years old that I could use journaling as a way to intentionally change my life. At the time, I was in debt, overweight, struggling in love and in other areas of my life. After testing out a few writing techniques  (and doing a bit of research to make sure I wasn’t crazy) I started sharing these techniques with others.



Andriea Denise holding first Write Mind Studio banner at first office
I believe God wants us all to know and use these things to our advantage in this world, so I choose to freely share the information, knowledge, and wisdom I've gained. I started Write Mind Studio in the second bedroom of my Chicago apartment. I bought a few materials, and started hand-making journals for sale. I also maintained a blog, where I shared the information I’d learned.



The Write Mind Studio pop up shop
The business began to grow, and I searched for ways to optimize my time and keep the momentum going. I decided the only way to scale the business properly was to remove myself as a maker. I started designing products and having them mass produced so I could focus on the message I wanted to spread, rather than on the making of products.



Andriea Denise with Rev Andre D Lee at book release and signing party 2018

I believe God ordered my steps, and he blessed that decision. The business continues to grow, and more people are learning from my experiences. Rev. Andre D Lee (pictured standing beside me) is my business partner who has always been a great help to me. We’re both excited to see what God does through us next on this journey.

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