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SkyWriter Journal Kit

SkyWriter Journal Kit

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The SkyWriter bullet journal and the Scripter gel pen together make the perfect duo! Not only do they look great together, but they form a great creative team.

This journal was designed to be used for multiple reasons.

If you’re a person who likes to journal on your own terms, this is the perfect journal for you. The dot graph pages allow for writing, drawing, planning, and much more! Let your creative energy flow freely onto the pages.

The sky is the limit! 

Available in assorted colors, the Skywriter journal is sleek, simple, and timeless. It's leather-like cover feels luxurious and invites you to crack it open and put pen to paper. Each journal comes with a purple, satin ribbon, making it simple to bookmark pages.


Journal Kit Includes:

1 SkyWriter bullet Journal (in the color of your choice)

1 Scripter Gel Pen


Kit Features:

✔️  8x5 flex cover journal

✔️  PU leather cover

✔️  Assorted journal colors

✔️  190 dot graph pages

✔️  Purple satin ribbon

✔️  Golden gel pen

✔️  Fine tip pen

✔️  Pen writes in black Ink

✔️  Pen writes with precision

✔️  Gel ink smoothly writes on glossy surfaces with ease


Available Journal Colors:

  • Plum
  • Rose
  • Stone
  • Dawn


Look & Feel:

👀 The journal is colorful and looks very sleek and timeless.

🤚🏾 The outer cover of the journal feels soft to the touch.

🤚🏾The book is flexible and lightweight.

🤚🏾The purple satin bookmark ribbon feels smooth and very securely sewn into the journal.

👀 The ribbon stands out just enough to add style and sophistication.

👀 The Scripter gel pen is golden and features an angled body to prevent rolling on flat surfaces.

🤚🏾 The pen sits comfortably in your grip and allows for easy writing.


More About The Scripter

Our Scripter pen is a best seller in The Studio. As you may already know, scripting is when you write your life as you wish it to be as if it is currently happening or has already happened. It's a fun activity that gets your creative juices flowing, and allows you to let go of any doubt to just write it out.

The Scripter is the perfect manifestation tool for you to use in this process. Let loose and glide this golden gel ink pen across the pages of your favorite journal. Scripting works wonders for creating positive situations, opportunities, and experiences in your life. Learn more about scripting here. Happy scripting!

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